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JC Junk Car Buyers specializes in buying Junk Cars Running or Not with or without title Same day Free Pickup

Company Solutions

If your company has a fleet of car, vans or truck’s that need to be retires we are the ones to call

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How we help

We buy any type of Junk Car running or not just call us and let us know the year, make and model of the junk car, van or truck and we will give you a quote right over the phone. 

“… The professionalism of JC Junk Car Buyers is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for a great service!…”

Albert James


JC Junk Car Buyers

How are we different?


We have over 15 years experience in the Junk Car buying business and multiple locations in the South East giving us an edge over most of our competitors on pricing.


We understand how important climate change is. Due to this we own and operate a fully equipped recycling facility that allow us to harvest over 80% of all the car we buy.

Core strength

We our vast years of experience our junk car buyers have the most up to date pricing matrix to allow us to pay top dollar for you Junk Car, Van or Truck.

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The Fastest and Easiest way to Junk Your Car, Van or Truck

JC Junk Car Buyers offer fast easy way to get rid of your old non working or just junk car…